The 3 Biggest Problems Everyone Has with Their Plumber, And How Lonnie Reade Plumbing And Heating Overcomes Them All.

“The Final Cost Was More Than We Agreed Upon.”

We take extra time on the initial meeting to go over all the details to be sure the estimate is as accurate as possible. In this time we write down as much information as possible such as dimensions, model and serial numbers, colors and finishes. This seems elementary, but all too often estimates are wrong because of the details.

“He Already Fixed It Once And It Did Not Solve The Problem.”

There is always a process of elimination to find the true source of your water problem. Even though you can see a puddle it does not necessarily let you let you know exactly where it is coming from. It takes years in the field and encountering countless situations of similar issues to be able to pinpoint the problem the first time.

“It Took Twice As Long As I Was Told.”

One of the major reasons for a job taking too long is being unprepared. Trips to the supply house can delay the job by hours or even days. Our trucks are rolling supply houses, stocked with just about anything your job may require. With the extensive notes that were taken at the initial meeting we have now added parts specific to your fixtures. This means we spend more time working and less time making trips to get the right material.

Services Offered

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