General Plumbing

Fixture Installations

  • Repair and installation of all brands of toilets, vanities, specialty shower valves, kitchen sinks, disposals
  • Recommendations for upgrades to existing fixtures
  • Provisions for new water lines (Replace those old leaking copper or galvanized water lines with PEX tubing)
  • Get a free Plumbing/Heating Inspection Report with your next service call

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Helpful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

When do I know I need a plumber?

If you are confident that you have the skill, experience and knowledge of tackling a plumbing repair, by all means do so. You will save a little money, and have the satisfaction of having completed that repair or upgrade. Fixing a running toilet, fixing or replacing a hose bib, or garden irrigation shut-off valve might be repairs you can easily make yourself. As soon as you feel overwhelmed with a repair project which just seems to be getting worse as you go along, call Lonnie Reade Plumbing & Heating at (908)362-5203 for assistance. It is a wise person who asks for help from professionals who do that work day-in and day-out.

Check your fixtures for leaks.

One of the most overlooked ways to save money is to simply check all your fixtures and make sure everything is tightened and attached properly. Sometimes simply checking these things yourself will save you from having to call us. If there are any leaks or clogs that need to be fixed, make a list of all of them. When we arrive, give us the list of items which need to be attended to.